torsdag 31. januar 2013

I need ICT but not all the time..

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cc from Siddartha Thota
Taken on January 3, 2013

Most of people around the world know the meaning of stress. During days with too much work,  most of us have felt stress. But there is not only the work who gives you the feeling of stress. The way we live our life can after a while give us somuch stress that we get sick.  The society today is an Information society. We get a lot of information during the day from other people and we communicate with each other using different information system.

I do feel stress by being online most of the day. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , mail  and blog almost every day. I have education with Information Technology and I enjoy using it in different ways. But sometimes I feel that my social networks have control over my doings during my day. I often feel that I have to check out Facebook immediately after eating  my dinner. In the weekends I “need” to check it out after breakfast.  I feel that I miss out something if I don’t do it, but I seldom missed out something important by waiting.  I still feel for checking every day and that is a feeling I don’t like.  Another way the to turn on even more stress in life ,  is to use your smartphone for being online. You can get notified about movements your ”friends” do all  the time. If your friends are as active as yourself ,you probably never get time off during a day . The youngsters in my house are using the Internet a lot more than I . In the beginning I laughed over their dependency. Now I`m sometimes rather frustrated. They are online most of the day, and sometimes they are online when they are using the toilet, makes dinner, eats dinner and  in the break on TV. Watch them doing this is frustrating me. They don`t see or talk to other people who are physical around them and they often miss information  we are  giving to them.  Grownups also  use their mobile phones a lot when they are waiting for something. For example  in the waiting room for the dentist or doctor, sitting in the car waiting for someone, on ferries, busses and other places we used to sit down and look at other people passing through, we meditated  over things in life or read  a magazine or a newspaper. The most of the population in the rich part of the world don’t do this anymore. We are sitting next to each other staring at our phone.  Even at restaurants and cafes people are using their phone lot of the time. I find this rather rude  and always ask my children to put it away when we are doing social things together. Rude because you don’t give  attention to the persons sitting next to you ,and who might enjoy being with you. I think we all should be more offline and rather organize the online time to a few times during the day. Availability is often great but not 24/7.    

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  1. I do agree with some of your statements here. We are too often online when we rather should have socialized with other people. I think a lot of the time we should have spent outside is wasted on online chatting, surfing and playing. I also see a tendency that children are getting less attention from grown ups since the phone or IPad is occupying the attention. Do you hear yourself saying; we will play, in a second darling. I'm just reading something. Soon finished.. An hour goes by... Oh, just a second. Won't you go and play with your toys instead. I'll come and play with you soon... Bed time sweet heart.

    But there are many positive aspects of this technology too. So how do we find the right balance between being online and not?