torsdag 28. mars 2013

Februar bidraget på vottealongen.

Som nevnt før så er jeg med på en vottealong på Facebook og vi skal stikke 12 par på et år så noen må vel regne med å få votter i julegave i år:) Dette er februarutgaven.
Mønster kan kjøpes hos Projo Produkter
Strikket i Finull. Står P2 på mønstret , men det var lettere å finne fine farger i Finull.

torsdag 21. mars 2013

Veske til steketakka.

Vi er noen damer som som har møttes før jul og bakt lefser.Alle kommer da balanserende med takka i eske. Denne veska er stor nok til å romme det du skal ha med deg.Denne blir en bursdagsgave for jeg har ikke egen takke;)

Håndkle til å henge på ovnsdøra

Bestilling fra min tante, som ikke kan skjønne hvordan andre klarer seg uten disse.Jeg klarer det...

torsdag 7. mars 2013

Litt vindfullt for enkelte i går :)

Denne karen har hengt ute i all slags vær i to år,men lever til tider et værfullt liv hvor han blir kastet hit og dit.Bortsett fra litt blåmann på buksa så holder den seg jammen bra forholdene tatt i betraktning;)

Harassment on the Internet.

When I was young I was told to behave myself and be kind to other people.Not to say things that could  make them  sad and not scare other people on purpose. If we broke these ethical rules, our  parents and teachers confronted us with what we had done, and we had to regret and promise to behave better. In these days things are different because we have social networks and adults seldom know what their children do write to others. Both children and adults find It easier to say bad things to others on social network than face to face.

Harassmentcc by Erik Delvigne Taken on May 27, 2006

cyberbullying. A new way to hurt each other

In Norway we have freedom of speech and that also often results in harassment of other people. On NRK 2 they they had a TV program about “men who hates on net” A girl had wrote a comment on HM`s  Facebook page and it had been about 4000 comments to her comment and many of them had a violent and sexually contents. HM informed that they had removed 3000 comments and left 1000 on the facebook wall. The girl had read these comments and became scared and hurt and she had not expected this enormous reaction on her comment from other people around the world. The TV team contacted some of the people who had wrote that they want to kill  this girl, and most of these men did`nt even remember what they have written and did not know her.They excused themself by being so angry over what she had written that It made them behave like this.The TV team asked if they ment what they wrote and none of them ment it seriously,  and said they were sorry about it. We also had a case going on between a famous singer and a blogger in Norway .She feel that this blogger has dishonored her ,but the blogger ment that he could write whatever he wanted  when its about famous people.This case ended up in court and is probably  just the beginning of several cases in the future with the same contents.
Bloggers and others on social networks daily cross the line for good behavior.

ICT in school


      This photo was taken on January 30, 2013 inTurku, Western Finland, FI                                

The human is born with a brain who needs to be stimulated. Not only by reading theory The best way to learn is to stimulate both parts of the brain at the same time. The left side works with language, details ,analysis, mathematics and logical thinking.The right side of  
the brain works with pictures, visualization , colours ,overview and feelings.The learning prosess is better when we can see, hear and touch at the same time.To use PC in school is derfor a brilliant way to learn .We stimulate the right side of the brain at same time as we learn theory by using the left side. We look at pictures/video on the screen and we get stimulated of sounds from the speaker and we touch the keyboard.

Several schools have chose to give their students a PC to use for their schoolwork and the teacher use it in all school subjects. A school who use ICT in a positive way will not have more problems with students who is using their PC on social networks during the school day , than common unrest in class without the PC.        

Working at home have more benefits than homemade coffee             

People like to work at different times of  day.Some likes  work at the morning, others at evenings or at night. We are all different and like different ways to do our job or schoolwork. To do work by using IKT  with  amazing opportunities to communicate in different areas, is a flexible way to meet students and employees.To let them do the work at the time at day when they are most able to do a good job.It also open a opportunity to work  in groups , two people together or on their own .Some people works best on their own and some  works best in groups with others. Some works best at the office and others works best at home.
Some like to listen to  music or a radio  when they work and some like the silence. During the last years it has became more and more common for schools to mix theoretical teaching, practical lessons ,web lessons and study on their own.This follows the trend about getting a more flexible way of living, working and educating students.