torsdag 7. mars 2013

Harassment on the Internet.

When I was young I was told to behave myself and be kind to other people.Not to say things that could  make them  sad and not scare other people on purpose. If we broke these ethical rules, our  parents and teachers confronted us with what we had done, and we had to regret and promise to behave better. In these days things are different because we have social networks and adults seldom know what their children do write to others. Both children and adults find It easier to say bad things to others on social network than face to face.

Harassmentcc by Erik Delvigne Taken on May 27, 2006

cyberbullying. A new way to hurt each other

In Norway we have freedom of speech and that also often results in harassment of other people. On NRK 2 they they had a TV program about “men who hates on net” A girl had wrote a comment on HM`s  Facebook page and it had been about 4000 comments to her comment and many of them had a violent and sexually contents. HM informed that they had removed 3000 comments and left 1000 on the facebook wall. The girl had read these comments and became scared and hurt and she had not expected this enormous reaction on her comment from other people around the world. The TV team contacted some of the people who had wrote that they want to kill  this girl, and most of these men did`nt even remember what they have written and did not know her.They excused themself by being so angry over what she had written that It made them behave like this.The TV team asked if they ment what they wrote and none of them ment it seriously,  and said they were sorry about it. We also had a case going on between a famous singer and a blogger in Norway .She feel that this blogger has dishonored her ,but the blogger ment that he could write whatever he wanted  when its about famous people.This case ended up in court and is probably  just the beginning of several cases in the future with the same contents.
Bloggers and others on social networks daily cross the line for good behavior.

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